Ugh, estate agents

They’re positioned so that the windows and frames can be taken out without anybody noticing.

An amazing place

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Bit too Game of Thrones for me.

I rarely look at this thread, so prolly too late, but Sam and I used a chap who was a regular on the 'Wam and owns/runs a proper removals company. Trouble is I am absolutely unable to remember either his name or that of the company.

What I can remember is how bloody good they were, how much easier it made the move, and how glad we were that we did it that way.

If you’re still a member of the 'Wam, put a shout-out and see what pops-up, might even get mate’s rates if he’s still about.

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Was it “man in a van” ?


As predicted this didn’t sell, despite trying several agents.

Went on as a rental for a while. I guess the lease is up, and it’s on the market again, but now at £2m.

That’s already a serious, quarter of a million quid, cold to catch and I still doubt that it will sell.

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How much was the one Bumblefuck’s moving into?

Supposedly around £3M.

What is the wallpaper like?

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Depends who is picking up the tab for it.



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Anyone want to buy Boy George’s gaff? It is, in fairness, very nice.


Wow !

More suprising to me was that Marty Feldman owned it at one time.
Presumably you didn’t need to be a multi millionaire in the 70s for a place like that, although I am sure there has been an enormous amount of work done on it since then.

Actually, looking at the video, that is pretty damn spectacular

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I bet that’s gone in no time :sob:

OK, if that was a bit spendy, what about Nick Cave’s one then?


Altogether far too much pink for any one person.