Ugh, estate agents

Wow, that was quick. Hope it all goes smoothly.

woohooo all done and off to pickup the keys this afternoon.

Yep was very quick, from offer to completion was pretty much 60 days. The solicitor was saying that according to the law society the average completion is 150 days at the moment so a massive result.

Very lucky there was no chain either side and the mortgage went through really quickly (was expecting lots of questions as I was contracting for the last 7 yrs)


They didn’t ask HMRC for a reference then? :grinning:


“Was this person employed by this company for the last few years?”
"Well, technically yes… "

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They didn’t ask a thing about previous employment, just told them I’d been working at NATS for 9 months and they accepted that. The mortgage broker said that Bank of Ireland are one of the more cautious lenders but they offered me a decent rate (5.19%) within a week of applying.

TBF after many years of being an absolute buffoon with credit and debt I’ve had a perfect credit score for the last 10yrs

House keys now in my pocket and off to B&Q in the morning to pickup paint samples.

After eons of renting I can now paint the ceilings brown and be done with acres of fucking magnolia.


Real men achieve this with 60 John Player Specials a day rather than painting.


Smell the nostalgia. Literally the first cigarettes I smoked. Because the formula 1 car looked so cool :smile:

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Filters made of asbestos though.

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Yards down the road from where I grew up

Bit of a shocker, the family have been there for hundreds of years (and were very keen to tell you about their Norman ancestry).

I bet the electrics are “interesting”.

Little (seriously little) Malvern Priory next door is lovely though

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Directions: WHAT3WORDS/// hedgehog.nimbly.cashew will direct to the driveway entrance

This made me laugh for some reason.

I didn’t notice that.

The hedgehog is a bit of a bastard for a cashew, obvs.

Rejoice ye Brum.

You can now buy a Peaky Blinders branded flat :roll_eyes:

Bernard Sumner’s house is up for sale:


Hel’s latest lottery winning fantasy, ticks one of her major wants - indoor swimming pool. Ticks one of mine too which is enough grounds to lose the dogs in, and a separate house for when Hel finds out and blames me.

If you can see past some of the Tkmaxx ‘contemporary furniture’ and liberal use of a grey paint swatch , there are still some nice original features that they haven’t managed to completely destroy or rip out.

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Wow !