Uk Audio Show Oct 7/8th

Has anyone any comp…tickets for the Uk Audio Show at Staverton Park in October? There was a few about last year

Had a look round this morning. My favourite room by a long way was AudioNote. They were showing the new field coil AN-E speakers and a cd transport using an idler drive. Sounded superb to me, the bass particularly impressive.

Thanks to @Myrman for bringing my cds / records along.


Seriously? I thought belt drive a-la CEC was bizarre enough!

Agree with Pete the AN room sounded great, by far the best I heard there. They also had a superb sounding 2 box Dac and external PSU in there which is still in its R&D stage.

Rest of the show was a bit meh.


They are offering it as a retro fit upgrade on existing toploader cd transports. I don’t know how much it contributed but the cd sound was great.

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Other stuff I quite liked were these speakers in the Lumley room. Not aesthetically obviously.

The plinth on this 401. Hard to see in the pic but it looked like layered acrylic much like my Kuzma Stabi ref.

First time hearing Charios I think and these Sonnets sounded promising. Nice stands too

The Pre Audio turntable and arm looked interesting

And finally there is something I like about Diptyque speakers. Second time of hearing them. I remember thinking the same at the Whittlebury.

Otherwise same old. Seemed very quiet. If it’s the same tomorrow I think it’s future might be in some doubt.


Very disappointing show for pens / freebies which ultimately is all that matters.


Thinking of going tomorrow, any nice headphone stuff?

There is a room with just headphones but I didn’t go in so I’m not sure what’s on offer.

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Naïve question, but why would you make a silk domed field coil tweeter?

Cheers Nick, will take a look

Watdafuk’s rong with a wooden egg with little feet planted on top of a square box? :joy:

So you can charge more?

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No idea, they did sound great though.

The bass that was coming out of them was seriously impressive when they were playing this


I would have liked to have heard that - love that album.

Here are some photos from the show.