Undoing screws?

The speed adjustment on the lenco consists of 4 screws,one for each speed,the last owner has somehow rounded them up so screwdriver is no good.
Have looked underneath to see if i could get mole grips on the ends,but they are 2 short.
Was thinking of maybe trying a dremmel to create a little slot for a flat screwdriver,but the screws are pretty small making it a bit iffy.Any clever ideas?

Looks like a small flathead might work ?

Get another Lenco.

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Pic was taken off the web.

Maybe i’ll have a go at drilling the heads off.

Ah, OK.

Get an old crosshead screwdriver, support it vertically and Araldite it into the screw head. When it has fully gone off, remove the screw and you will be able to remove the duff screw from the driver with some heat. Repeat for the others.

Just an idea

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Heat up the tip of a crosstip screwdriver, and hold it in the screw, then try to tighten it first, then loosen it.
If you can support underneath where the screws are, try heating up the bit of an impact driver, and hitting it.

Sadly the screw heads have been totally rounded, off so can’t get any purchase on them.


Might go that route if needed.

The screws just keep the four speed level rests in place. It is still possible to adjust the speed without undoing them, move the lever slightly to find the correct speed rest point, make a mark on the top plate with a pencil then tap the side of the relevant speed rest with a block of wood and a hammer till it it is centred on the pencil mark.


Will give that a go and see if they will move.

They should do, it shouldn’t need to move far, a spray of wd40 underneath might help.

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Garrard’s often have knackerd screws. You could buy a screw extractor of the correct size (fits in drill) easy to use a set often costs less than a fiver. Try tool shed in town.

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These will do it.


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drill the screw and then use a self tapper with some threadlocker, as long as they aren’t too tight you should be able to undo the bottom screw with the self tapper.

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The 4 screws are holding on a thin bar underneath,if i do go the drilling route,i should be able to mole grip them out.

Steady on. You’re multi tasking a bit today. And the football’s on shortly.


Indeed, i don’t have time to hob nob with devon’s socialites

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