Unexpected results

Tried the Myst TMA3 into the big speakers with very surprising results. Using it just as a power amp behind the Graaf you would never guess that it is an old amp and only about 40W. Very bottom end is not the tightest and mid/top transparency lags behind a good Class A. This is being hyper critical though.

i actually wired it up to put the sound of movies off the laptop through the big speakers rather than the soundbar with just one thing to switch on and it was such a surprise I tried it as part of the main system. Listening to Pale Green Ghost you would be forgiven to think that this was the full main system.

Anyone else surprised themselves using unusual kit?

The Myst TMA3 was the first proper amp I ever heard and made me think I want a system like this.
It was an LP12 with Myst and Alison 6 speakers.
Glad to hear they can still do good things.

Had all sorts of amps through my hands the last few years, ancient and modern, including quite big-ticket stuff, but each time I put my old (admittedly lightly tweaked) Puresound A30 back in, it has a “rightness” and all-round ability to just play music and quell the Audiophilia nervosa that nothing else does.

Like with the Myst, it makes me sad that so much hifi is driven by fashion - people chasing constant change, when really very little changes, and tons of real gems get forgotten and disappear.


TMa3 is a great little amp, inspite of the DIN connections. Inca Tech Claymore and Sondex S230 are also good, but in different ways. My youngest uses my Sondex S230 with some Arcam 2 speakers and a Rega 3 in his student digs and it all sounds great.

I had a TMA3 when I was at college & it comfortably saw off the much lauded Naim Nait (mk1) that I had before it.

At that time (1983) the favoured £250 amps were mainly the Audiolab 8000A and the Nait, The Myst had to be sought out. I eventually used it with Gale 401’s which took some driving. In hindsight though I’d probably have been better served with more sensitive speakers and the Marantz Pm4 which I think (with hindsight) was possibly the nicest of the amps at that price when used sensibly.

I’ve owned the Myst, the Claymore and the John Shearne Phase 2 and all stand up more than favourably to today’s mid priced offerings, IMO.