Going to be upgrading the server at around 10:00am GMT. The hosts have changed the pricing plans they offer so we can get more hardware without increasing the monthly spend. For those with understandable concerns, I won’t be doing the actual upgrade myself, so hopefully the chances of a “whoops apocalypse” mark 2 should be minimal.


Okay, so might speak later then :slightly_smiling_face:. Or might not, it’ll be a surprise!




So, you’re going to pay some other fat fingered fuck to nuke the place?:+1:


So long and thanks for all the fish…


9.30 Decides to back up all essential posts and info on forum.
9.31 Meh.


Ok, all done






Something must have gone wrong. All you cunts are still here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


did we died and goned 2 heven ?


if dis is heven den i dont want 2 b ded.



expectation: fluffy white clouds

reality: dog poop


Its just like the last series of Lost.


It is a sad day for butchery when our leaders fail to put us out of misery


Your sadness makes me horny.


There is no cure for Dacryphilia