Anyone using a basic ups? Any to avoid? What about just connecting a multi-gang extension to one outlet of the ups rather than buy a multi-outlet ups unit?

Just need enough to shut the pc and attached usb discs down nicely in a power cut.

I use one. It’s an Eaton 550C. Just bought a replacement battery for it actually. They are readily available.

I use a extension lead into it with no problem - there’s no high current stuff going into it.

Just remembered I have an APC one too.


One tip would be to check what power connections they accept.

The APC allows 3-pin plugs so I put my PC stuff into that.

The Eaton is for my server and only has connections for male IEC connections.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to avoid the iec only ones. But if can plug my existing extension in I only need one Uk plug on the UPS so that makes it easier.

Finding one in stock is looking a bit hit and miss though

Whatever unit you buy should - by law - have a maximum output rating (usually in watts, sometimes in amps as well) displayed on a sticker somewhere, check the things you plan to plug-in to see what their maximum draw is, sum-up, and just make sure the first number is bigger than the second.

In case you need to convert Watts to Amps.

Also watch-out for no-CE marking, or BS like this -


Stay safe!

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Gotta love China Export, genius trolling!

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I’ll be buying from a proper shop like scan, ebuyer, cpc so hopefully it’ll be a reputable brand (like apc)

Yep re capacity. I’ll be checking I’m not asking too much of it

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I have always used APC units with IEC outlets, always worked well for me.

Me too, although I’m not using mine atm. I may introduce it back into the system at some point.

We had a power cut this morning. Got me thinking.

I can easily run my system on the UPS all day.

Might even think about bringing it into the house in the Winter for when we get our slightly more than occasional power cuts.


Went for this in the end

I can plug the important stuff in directly and the rest via the extension lead.

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