US valve dealers

My wife’s going to Florida in a couple of weeks (cue jokes…) and I thought I’d take the opportunity to buy a few valves which seem to be easier to get hold of over there (Type 45 etc).
Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable shops, online or otherwise, I could contact?

Antique Electronics Supply


Current production valves are generally cheaper in the US than here, although the exchange rate can tip this against us. Cooking grade GZ34s for example are £15.25 for a JJ or £21.00 for a SovTek here. They’re roughly the same number of dollars from AES, and might be even cheaper if you shop around.

It might be worth making sure the TSA and the airline will be happy with them coming on as hand baggage. They can be a bit twitchy about weird electronics they don’t understand (they can also be absolutely fine - it just seems to depend who you get at security). Things might be easier with checked baggage, but then there can be issues with packaging.


Thanks - that’s helpful. I’ll ask the wife to check at the airport on the way out before I order then.

As yet this thread appears to have completely missed it’s inherent genius.


Got to pick the right woman



good for obscure stuff and generally helpful via email regarding what they actually have under each type