Used Bookshelf Speakers: budget £500-700

A friend of mine has asked me about bookshelf speakers- to like, actually go on a shelf. He has a Nad C340 integrated which has an output of 50 watts at 8 Ohms I think. I don’t know much about these things, what would peeps recommend?


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Thanks. :roll_eyes:

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These work well on a bookshelf ->

Those Russell K ones, Harbeths or Totems.

Nothing with a rear port.

I bought Ella the cheaper 3020 version of these. The dimensions are ideal for an actual bookshelf.

Very impressive. The rear port comes with a foam bung.

Sodders has a pair of AE Reference 2s for around 700. Rear ported but OK if bunged.

Are they on his site? Can’t see them…

PM him on FaecesBook.

Ok Ta.

Whatever the latest incarnation of Wharfedale Diamonds are. I have some 9.1s that sound fine as long as they’re not in a corner

With the soft NAD, you need something a little lively to liven it up.

Rogers DB101 can be had for not much money, front ported and lively, not much bass. Come is some interesting finishes. Fairly cheap.

Dean Alto if you can find a pair.

Dynaudio 42, have a rear port but they also sound better with the foam in the port.

Sonus Faber Concertino, very nice more expensive than the above. lovely wood.

ARC 050 if you can find a pair, great speakers and can be run active later if you wish.

JBL L15 or 18Ti or L20, lively and punchy.

Most of the above are a bit off the wall suggestions, but I have owned them all.

Oh and Snell K & Acoustic Energy AE1 MK1.

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Kralk Audio BC30’s
There are some used ones on PFM for well under £500,

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Very nice speakers. Got some for my neighbours.
Pick up the Pinkfish pair!

What is he using at the moment?

bourney has some p3esr for 850

I like our Proac Supertablettes that we use on wall brackets in the kitchen

He has B&W DM 601, I think they are too big for his current needs.

Wonderful speaks; not sure I’d classify them as bookshelf though. They’re pretty deep and rear ported.