User of the month

Many thanks AA. I have no idea why I deserve this accolade, but am very pleased to have an award. Is there cash?

Are you mixing us up with narcotics anonymous?

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It’s an award for most drugs consumed.

You must have hit the Sanatogen hard this month.

They spelled ‘user’ wrong. Same number of letters, but a different word.

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Surely this thread should be Abuser of the Month, make more sense

No, just sex and travel…

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Yes, of course there is. Loads and loads and loads of it. All you need to do is to send me your Visa Card number and 3 figure security code and I will transfer the funds to you. You will be knee deep in coke and hookers by Sunday lunchtime if you hurry. Don’t forget this offer closes at midnight.

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have you got my propelling pencil, I seem to have lost it again

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Good job there isn’t a tool of the month award otherwise @bmtell would be a serial winner.

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;[quote=“ICHM, post:9, topic:1599, full:true”]
Good job there isn’t a tool of the month award otherwise @bmtell would be a serial winner.


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No it’s true…click on my icon and see the bronze star…see!
And I only made two posts so far. Never had a welcome like it!
(Except someone was quite rude in my first post but there, I lived).

It’s totes amazeballs :joy:

Sadly the bronze star only gets you a “well done”.

The gold star gets you 4 or 5 AA members lobbing dung at your windows though.

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Fixt given the ready supply…:grin:


It’s also ‘New User of the Month’ you gibbering fucktard.

He’s not new you know, he is 68. Otherwise carry on, nothing to see here.

He is new. He is not young.

He uses Totes Amazeballs. He must be no older than 12.

Mental age no older than 12.

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Yup. I should have been more specific. Especially after the “look at me” thread.