Vacuum State JLTi vs Whest Two phono stage

Seems unlikely but does anyone have any experience of both? I have a JLTi but have been offered a Whest Two… Sadly, no opportunity for back-to-back listening.

I was never a great fan of Whest phonostages.
A case of one man’s clarity equals another man’s sterile sound.
I have no knowledge of the JLTi for comparison


I had a Whest Two for a short period of time.

I soon replaced it with an entry level Allnic and the wallpaper slowly began to recover, although you could still see the scars where the Whest had left its indelible mark.

Don’t do it*

*unless you are looking to redecorate.


Call me psychic,if you will, but I think you may have an answer.

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Does look a little like that’s the case!
I’ll stick with what I know works. :slight_smile:

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Particularly when the gents (?) involved have a fair amount of experience and tend to know what they are talking about (?).

Whest, fuk no :face_vomiting:


I bought a whest two when it was heralded as a giant killer lie othersfor me a big mistake.
Hard and sterile.

For the money (price) I’d expect a lot more.

The JLTi is assuredly not hard. Or sterile. I’ve been very pleased with it.

The offer of a Whest Two was intriguing as much as anything else.

I had a Whest Two here briefly on loan.It was comprehensively seen off by an Allnic HS1201. I don’t think the Whest was stripping wallpaper but the things that I value, imaging and soundstage in particular, were in short supply. I think @Waxy has that Allnic now. I use the MM input on an Allnic HS1500 SE with an ANJ SUT and am very happy with the results. I can’t speak highly enough of the Allnic phono stages TBH.

Don’t go Whest!

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:roll_eyes: :unamused:

Pot. Kettle. Black.


I have no notion of what you’re on about. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Clearly! :grin:



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He’s a mod. :joy:

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Should be your own tagline Jim :smile:

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This is nothing new. Are you providing this information as a reminder @Jim or is there a press release and news conference to follow?


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