Valve Guards

Where can I get valve guards to suit 12AU/AX?

Just returned from holiday to find a cat/Valve interface has resulted in bent pins on a NoS AU7 Millard:/

Where’s good for Millard these days?

Notwithstanding they may break, anything stopping you just straightening the pins with pliers and a pin straightener?

As for actual valve guards/cage - usually come with the kit. If you want to use the jacket type you’ll prolly have to change the valve bases, and even then cats twatting-about in the way they do could still twat 'em.

Tried the vet - they have a fix.

Not one I’d seriously recommend though.

Yes will try straightening. Specially now I’ve seen cost of replacement.

Was thinking of the ring/post type guard that fixes to the chassis.

Only need 3.
Not too flush at the moment so could do with keeping cost down.

If you are stuck I think I have a pair of Philips 5963 you can have.

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Stating the obvious I guess, but

18 of these

1 pack of of these plus nuts

6 1" or 25mm ID flat washers

and half an hour with a pillar drill and you could make your own. You would have to drill the chassis though.


Thanks, I may take you up on that.

Did consider it but I’m fairly crap at that sort of thing.

pm me address if you want them and I can post tomorrow or early next week.