Valve help

I have a Jolida Fusion CD player/transport/DAC, that has a faulty left channel output.
It uses two 12AX7, two 12AT7, and two 12AU7, one of each, in each channel.
I have none of these available, and no valve tester.
I can buy a full set of valves for £150, and replace them all, or troubleshoot, and replace only the faulty one.
The valves in place look quite old, and most markings are gone. I know what goes where.
Anyone have a spare of each one, I could try?
And if I do replace them all, any recommendations for brands to use. I was just going to use Tungston new builds.

Can you swap the valves over one by one

This - see if the fault swaps channel with a particular valve.

If not, I think I have some you can borrow Gregg.

God, I am slow!! Of course.

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Don’t have any of those, but can certainly test valves for you.

Haha … after 10 years my first technical reply

I’m off to start building my 300b mono blocks :grinning:


Still ahead of rabski :joy:


Still be quicker than Rabski! :joy:


Great trolls think alike…

I have some 12AU7s

I have two 12AX7’s that I can send you.

Yes, please. I will PM you.

Thanks for all the suggestions and offered help.
I was a bit premature.
The problem wasn’t valve related. It was a broken lead off a capacitor.


Very reasonable assumption, just wrong. Glad to hear it’s under control :+1: