Valve people - Should I stay or should I go?

I’ve been sent some murky images from an old repair mans loft. There seems to be a bunch of EL34’s a KT66 perhaps and a valve tester - Looks like an AVO IV maybe? I’m dumb in this and many arenas - Any ideas?

That’s an AVO Mk IV, yeah. If it works, worth lots.

I’m guessing even if it works calibration will be required. Curiously it’s not far from you Pete. M

That’s not an original meter, unless it’s standing very proud of the front panel and has been photographed oddly. The meters get blown and, of course, aren’t made any more. So you’ll have to decide whether to go ahead based on how much you will have to shell out for this lot. If you do decide to try to fix the unit then proceed with caution. There are quite a lot of ways of doing more harm than good (e.g. by using the wrong cleaning solvent on the switches which causes their insulators to swell and jam solid). There’s plenty of free help available online though e.g. here

As for the valves, do they look like new ones or ‘pulls’ ? If the latter then they might be fine or they might be dead. Again the price and the distance you’ll have to travel will be the deciding factors.


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To be honest it’s slightly off piste for what I usually tangle with