Valves for Sale

I have had a box of valves in my drawer for years, I know little about them except that Pete tested them all about 12 years ago, they were all in spec and they haven’t been used since. Offers for individual items or better still the lot.


I wouldn’t mind those Russian ones. I’ve got four NOS short versions, so spares might be useful! :sunglasses:

Ok Stu, what are they worth?

Any trace of branding on the 12AU7s? Seem to be triple-mica, so not garbage.

Can’t see any marking, can’t see any pins either :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ok, that’s different :roll_eyes:

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Thanks mate, prolly Chinese -


I can’t find what I paid for mine; looked through PP and also Messages. How much would you like for them? :thinking:

That’s the problem Stu, I have no idea what they are worth :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When I get home from work, I will have a look in greater detail; has been difficult as I’ve been late all day!

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Just trawled through Wigwam Sold Items and in March, I paid £45 plus £5 postage for my Valves. :sunglasses:

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How about £25 posted Stu? Does that sound fair?

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Which CD player are you using @J_B ? If still the A8000, those 5670’s would go well in it.

That’s perfect! My I pay via Pay Pal? :sunglasses:

I sold the Puresound to MJ last year so…:roll_eyes:

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PM on its way.

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