Van recommendations

What about Vandross (or is the clue in the name ?) ?


Excellent; thread derailment in three hours and 21 posts. Have a cup of tea boys, we’ve earned it.


And Van Diesel. You don’t want to be seen as a pariah in a couple of years

I regret nothing.

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Best I have driven on the motorway was a Fiat Ducato. Worst was a Transit, but it was an older model and very uncomfortable.

Van Der Graaf Generator for the all Electric option.

be careful with Vangelis

Only ever heard about good running with that.

Van Damme (1) - superlative performance away from the crossroads - but will cost you your immortal soul…

Van Damme (2) - great for conducting business, but trouble may be looming…

If yours is a 313 they are a bit under powered so maybe get a 316 or 319.

I have a 316 and have no issues on the hills unless fully laden.

Hertz & Carnvan rental are mental.

What’s the point in having a van then?

To carry big stuff that may or may not be heavy.

Van Helsing- it’ll suck your wallet dry.

I have no other input other than to say I’ve driven plenty of transits and they were all wallowy shite buckets but did the job. I don’t remember the lwb sprinter I drove being slow and that was for 3 months of Milton Keynes to Felixstowe every day loaded with HMRC’s computer systems.
Merc diseasels seem to respond well to a chip so might be worth a go.

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