Van recommendations

Right, time to Wade through bucket loads of “hilarious” fecal matter in the hope of finding a pearl.

Looks like we’ll be needing a new van for work at the end of the season. As I’m the main driver of said van, I want to make sure once got some decent recommendations. The current van is a long wheelbase, high-top Mercedes Sprinter. Around town it’s fantastic, anything up to 90kph it handles with aplomb etc. However about 95% of the driving I do is 130kph on the motorways, where it’s utterly shit. I’ve been overtaken by articulated lorries on some of the steeper inclines.

So, thoughts on vans which are more engineered around long distance motorway driving please.

Also, in before people recommend the Peel P50 or the sodding Trotter van.

My natural inclination is probably a Transit given the few I’ve hired in the last year or so, and I’m told the Renault Master is shite.

How much you want to spend?

Obviously you need one of these, so how much would be left over for the real van?

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Shall I move this to the right section and correct the spelling, boss? :joy:

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Sounds perfect, I’m pretty high on assorted pain based medication right now

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You must have a very light right foot, I’ve NEVER seen a mercedes sprinter overtaken by anything less than an Astramax in pursuit mode

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I have hired a Sprinter, a Crafter, a Master and a VW Transporter.over the past 18 months or so and used them around towns and on motorways. The Master was the worst. The Transporter was the best and felt like driving a car - I can see why the variants wioth seats are popular. But as a commercial rival to a LWB Sprinter these are not the same proposition. I liked the Sprinter (an XLWB high top) although it was basic in its equipment. Certainly fast enough on motorways. Indeed I had a job keeping it to legal limits and it was loaded with a house move. The Crafter likewise. I wonder if the engine that you currently have is the issue. Are these available with more powerful engines? If I was spending my own money on a van of this type the Crafter or the Sprinter would be at the top of the list - probably the Crafter cos the control layout was just like my Passat and felt the same as that. Very easy to drive and acclimitise to…

I love vans and have driven fucktons of the damned things:

Ford: drives nicely for a van, parts used to be cheaper and easier to get (I’m a few years out of date), but rusts fast.
Iveco: pretty much as above, but pricier/scarcer parts.
All the rest: drive like a pig on a roller-skate IME, rust fast.

Performance on motorways will depend on engine options, obviously, there are tons of those, so spend time fannying-about with a configurator, and then check on relevant commercial vehicle forums if that one engine you really fancy is actually the boat-anchor in the range…

I would especially avoid VW because their vans just fucking suck and are hateful to drive, and anything Korean or Japanese, cos, parts, lol.

I’m going to suggest the one with the most airbags.


Worth a look.

Best big panel vans 2021 | Auto Express

you’ll be suggesting we read What HiFi soon… go and have a word with yourself

After finding three different sources, with the same general outcome, this was just a representative one.
And agreed with @peterh above.

pah, consensus is so last year, :smiley:

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Cayenne with custom trailer

Keep what you got and get the fucker chipped…or nitrous oxide. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are wanting it to work sort of long term-ish then maybe a Transit or some sort of Fiat based thing.

Avoid Van Morrison.

Really good for the first 45 minutes then prone to monumental breakdowns. Spendy.


Care needs to be taken with Van Halen too. Early ones were OK but they got progressively shitter and they’re all extremely loud.

I’m sure that @MGOwner will have some advice on Van Der Graff Generator; the Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong Wheelbase effort.