Think I will need some soon for work. Focussing on closeup small things is starting to get a bit rubbish.

Recommendations and dumbfuck comments please.

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I reckon a pair with a nice chain would suit you, very practical too :+1:


I’ve been wearing them for years.

Tried several makes of lenses - they vary a lot in quality, especially the distortion/bending effect at the periphery.

Zeiss are by far the best, they cost a little more but deffo worth the extra. :ok_hand:


I’m on my 3rd set now. First two sets from Tesco’s weren’t great and made my eyes dry. Current set from specsavers much better

Expect to struggle for a while as you learn to stop moving your eyes to look sideways and learn to turn your head. The field of view is quite narrow down the middle of the lens, that’s what gets better with the more expensive lenses but even the best ones are quite narrow

Go for deep (high) frame styles so the top half (distsnce) is big

I find they are bad for smudges. It’s probably cos there is such a small area to really yse

couldn’t use them at all. tried three times and gave up. Stuck to contact lenses and Nooz readers

Have been using them for nearly 30 years.

I’ve always gone for deep lenses, as @pbg says.
Worth paying more for better quality lenses to broaden and soften the sweet spot, as @Jim says.

I’ve been using Specsavers for the last several pairs, they change supplier from time to time but I get on with the top grade ones OK (though I’ve often had to get lenses remade at fitting because they’ve cocked up somewhere)

I’ve always had trouble with rapid hand-eye coordination (crap at tennis etc) so the “bending” distortion as an object crosses field of view isn’t and issue (I just don’t play those games).
Only real nuisance for me is hillwalking in wet and dim light - on steep downhills my feet are never in focus through bottom of lens, so I just take them off.

I have varifocals from Cubitts for existing, watching telly etc.

I have your granny’s half-moon bifocals for computers and reading.

It’s a pain in the ass.

TBF my left eye doesn’t really work well at all (the 14 year old, or so it seemed, who tested my eyes last time appeared not to be believe me that I hadn’t had surgery on it as a child) so you’ll probably be fine with one pair.

I have been wearing them for ages with no problems.
As has been said you learn to move your head as if you just move your eyes you are looking through the wrong part of the lens.
Walking down stairs is normally the one that catches people out at the beginning

Been wearing them since February. Took a while to get used to the different zones but now I don’t even notice.

Went for the most expensive Nikon lenses so they were bloody spendy, but hopefully worth it in the long run.

I guess I am probably going to have to get spendy ones for them to be any use. But with my eyes changing slowly I guess they will need a new prescription every few years.

I have just been moving my glasses out of the way when reading and looking at close up stuff for the last four or five years, and using cheap reading glasses for when I have my contacts in. Contacts are almost exclusively used for golfing.

I don’t wear glasses at all when looking at monitors and reading.
Varificals won’t fix not needing glasses!
During lockdown I have had to go and look for my glasses as I haven’t worn them for most of the day

you can get bifocal contacts, although this is trickier if you have an astigmatism (like me)

My mother just had her cataracts before lockdown, and she no longer needs glasses to correct her short sight or astigmatism. Just has readers now. First time in over 60 years she hasnt had to wear glasses full time

Only need the rading glasses to help me check my scorecard sometimes.

Bloke I work with has a friend who runs a specs avers in Devon did mine a few years ago, utterly brilliant.

Was a nightmare driving and trying to read the satnav, many a time I would end up in Aberdeen when trying to go to IKEA exeter

Used to have 3 pairs of glasses, one for comp, telly and driving.
Probably should get another test soon

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And typing :rofl:


I first got a pair about 6 years ago, they were good, and a big improvement on switching between regular and reading glasses.

Last year switched to Rodenstock and they are massively better with a much larger in focus area.

have a 2nd pair of their computer lenses for work, really make monitor use a lot easier than regular varifocals

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Would like to get reactolight on my my next pair

Does it cost much more?

I have reactolite on mine, I told them I didn’t want the ‘free’ spare pair and to include reactolite.
They were quite used to this and had all the adjustments to price worked out.

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Just remember there are times when you look a complete dick wearing shades (reactolights). I realised this many years ago when I saw myself in my brother’s wedding photos.

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It’s more for driving to help remove glare