Velvet Vortex owners - favour requested

Have been umming and ahhing over one of these for a long while now.

Would any existing VV owner be willing to clean a record for me to help convince me to go for it?

Donation to a nominated charity will be made.

I’ve had one from when @Spider first put it out. I’m chuffed to fuck with it. I use it with a moth cleaner to dry off afterwards but many users say this isn’t needed.

Where are you? maybe someone locally could demo.

Mine’s on loan at the moment otherwise would offer a try.

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Cheers Mick. I am in Bristol in case there are any local VV owners.

I’m sure Tim would do it, but I’m more than happy to as well.

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That’s kind of you, thanks @edd9000

I will ping you tomorrow.

Happy to do a few for you if you want me to.
Just PM me and we can organise it. It’s no problem.

I bought Allan’s @spacehopper and it is still sealed in the parcel he sent.

I saw on your site some pictures of 3 being cleaned at a time, is that a standard feature or do I need to order extra spacers from you?

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It is now a standard feature, Allan’s was an early one before I supplied the extra spacers so it maybe that you’ll need a couple.
Send me a PM and I’ll sort you a couple of spacers out so you can do 3 at a time.

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This reminds me, I have cleaning to do!

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Hope the Velvet Vortex is doing good work for you @Waxy, enjoy your clean records. I’ve got a few I bought from JB to do tonight

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Are they covered in suncream? @J_B


You wish! :pleading_face:

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