Velvet Vortex ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

It could be
I’ve done a few for the neighbours they were really bad.


Latest feedback from a customer:
I have recently purchased one of your machines and even I could set it up, which attests to its user friendliness!
So, up and running.
I can’t adequately describe the pleasure of stubborn old vinyl transformed into wonderful listening pleasure, incredible detail never heard before.
It’s not just the silent background but the revelation of dynamics and timbre that is so extraordinary.
Makes me realise why I’ve persisted with vinyl for so long.


Latest customer feedback:

Benefits of US cleaning.
When I started out down this road and bought a Velvet Vortex six weeks ago, my expectation was mainly with respect to a reduction in surface noise, clicks and pops.

However, it has proven to be much more than that. We tend to speak in HiFi about the removal of ‘veils’ with this or that upgrade. The Ultrasonic cleaning has removed a pretty thick one.

In particular the bottom end and lower midrange has added clarity and definition. The top end has lost edginess and grittiness. Overall the sound is so much more cohesive.

If one had said that for under £400 one could get a quantum improvement in vinyl replay by buying a particular bit of gear, then one would clearly take it.

The turning point for me was getting the fluid mix right. My first efforts had the chemical mix too strong. I’ve now settled on 4.7 ltrs of distilled water to 300ml of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and 10ml of ilford ilfotol.
Needless to say I am very very pleased with the results I am getting.


As thread is tl:dr and I have lost the instructions, can a fellow Velveteer please remind me of the constituent parts/ratios of a good cleaning fluid?

I need to Vortex the shit off a million records.

4.7 ltrs Distilled water
300 ml isopropyl alcohol
10ml ilford ilfotol


Thanks (again) Tim

(Disappears to price up 25l water, 5l ipa, 1l ilfotol)

It got good feedback at Settle :grinning:

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Tim, what’s the active ingredient in the Ilfotol - or is there an easily sourced equivalent? I’m struggling to find it in NS…
Thank you

Wetting agent.
Try a photo supplier. Was used to develop wet prints.

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Fantastic, thanks :+1:

Tergitol, Triton X-100 etc.


Bought my ilfotol on eBay

Ed is spot on
Tergitiol or Triton x100 are just as effective
If I’m using x100 I just put 5ml in 5 litres.

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What voltage is the motor? Misplaced the adaptor.

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12 volt

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Merry Christmas to all the velvet Vortex users have a fantastic Christmas Day.


Latest customer feedback after a customer sent me a question on Xmas eve:
Hey wow, wasn’t expecting a reply on Christmas Eve! :smile: You, sir, are a star. :slightly_smiling_face: And the Velvet Vortex has been an amazing bit of kit since I got it - a truly impressive and powerful beast all round. I’ve had some frankly astounding results with it, including with no-hope records that my knosti couldn’t touch. So all that remains is to say… I really hope you and yours have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much


Some more Christmas feedback:

Not sure I ever gave feedback after purchasing mine. It is brilliant, far more effective than the bath (spin clean) and vacuum (project) ones I had before. I wouldn’t contemplate using anything else now. I’ve got a mate who keeps bringing batches of records every time he comes round because he can’t believe how much of a difference it makes when I run them through my VV for him while he sits downstairs drinking my beer.

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Hi Tim,

I have lost my PSU for my VV. Could you let me know the rating or help me out with a replacement please?!


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