Very small standmounts?

I have half a plan for setting up a small system in my games room / the very occasional guest room.

I have a spare Sonos Amp. So that’s all sorted. But I’m looking for some very small speakers. I have a spare pair of Eclipse TD 307 that would fit the bill

but they’re the desktop version on the left, and the stand (D5 II) isn’t available separately - it looks like it used to be.

So, other than buying something like Eclipse TD508MK3 (I’m aware of the move from 307 to 508) and 508D MK3 stands, any suggestions along these lines?

edit: please, the “buy big horns, hur hur hur” thing is getting a bit tired

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Could you not hang them off the ceiling or wall mount them?

I have 4 kef eggs on stands you can have them if you can arrange collection

Do you fancy an afternoon of DIY metalwork ?

The original stands look like simple aluminium poles. £16 gets you two of these

which are way too tall. A bit of hacksawing, and maybe fill the tube with sand or builder’s foam to damp any resonances then all you have to sort out is the bracketry at the top.


If you can find any, Leema Xen speakers are amazing for the tiny footprint

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I’ve just bought some Audience One’s, not tried yet, but very small and need a sub. Will let you know how they turn out. @crimsondonkey has the better ones with more drivers, worth looking for some of those perhaps.

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Dude, surely you are totally the target market for those snazzy Devialet things

LS50 Meta too big?

Ooh, lots to go on here already. Thanks guys.

A couple of things

  • the Devialets are expensive deafening fartboxes
  • I am the least handy person in the world

Neat Iota?

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Actually, yes.

Not standmounts at all, but I went to look at a pair a couple of years ago. I thought they’d be ridiculous in my living room. But where I’m thinking of now - a definite contender.

Thank you.

edit: I think I’m actually thinking of the Iota Alpha or Explorer.

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I’m considering the Neat Iota Xplorer in walnut. 90% of this is based on WAF reasons.

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Testing whether the principle is at least sound.

I can haz classy.


I had a pair of the older TD-508s, should work but would probably do with a little sub in the corner to help out the bottom end.

An an alternative, maybe some wall mount speakers, I’ve only looked at the ATC HTS7 in the past but I know there are plenty others.

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Just a look at that picture confirms that the 307s are too small for anything but a desktop. I’ll have an actual listen after a meeting I’m on.

Currently liking the Neat Iota Alpha option. Although it’s more money than I was planning on spending. Ideally I wasn’t planning on spending anything.

The Keesonic Kolt would be ideal but VERY hard to find.
Older Proac Tablette could be an option but probably not in budget.
The Neat Iota sound ideal but I’ve not heard them.

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What about buying some tall cylindrical vases and using them as stands?

My experience with them are limited, but they always used to sound pretty good paired with rega at Bristol, and very small footprint


For what it is, it’s laughably good.

Stereo imaging is a bit funny, and poor bass (unsurprising) but, lol.

Need something other that a Macbook box on it’s end though.