Videos of horns

Hi all,

Not everyone is comfortable uploading videos, but given that we cannot travel in COVID times to listen to systems, this is next best. Please upload your videos shot on mobile phones. My request is for you to play classical, jazz, and then whatever tickles your fancy.

Here are a few I have shot of friends’ systems.

I have covered below hORNs Universum (Radian 950be, Radian 475 tweeter, active downfiring woofer), Altec 817, TAD 4003 in a dual FLH with JBL, Cessaro Gamma (TAD 4001), AER BD4 and BD5, and Tune Audio Anima

I would be interested in hearing some other horns, especially JBL, Tang Band, Lowther, Vitavox

Starting with hORNs Universum

Altec 817

TAD 4003 with JBL dual FLH

Tune Audio Anima

AER BD5 and BD4

The two of Murat’s below haven’t been shot by me

Cessaro Gamma

Cessaro used TAD 4001, here is another 4001 from a Russian named Oleg…ture=emb_title

I would be interested in hearing some other horns


Thank you for taking the time to put this together :+1:

Why, anything recorded on a phone is going to sound fuck all like the speaker being played.

Even worse when like the Tune Audio Anima video some knob has just recorded his feet tapping and doesn’t even show the speakers.

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That just sounds like the speakers on my laptop.
Oh, that’s because they are :unamused:


Stu, I am interested in listening to the coral mids and tweeters both and would have loved to visit if not for the lockdown. Do you have any classical that you can play, violin as well as arias?

It’s not a genre I have much of

Iii put some lps in a pic and let me know if you want me to record any of them

The system is different , but speakers are the same

That’s the spirit :+1:

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Is this what you were after?

It’s fair to say analogue sound struggles to translate via phone cam digital YouTube films. With that said you can often hear ‘potential’ or get an inkling of what may be positive. In the real world it’s sometimes fun to go the other way. Put an interesting speaker in a terrible room with a terrible source to hear ‘potential’. (We do this with turntables as part of testing, worst plinth possible, offers some useful insights)

This seven year old film was shot in a large open photographic studio, using a £20 T-Amp, twisted wire connections, Iphone MP3 source into a 15" Tannoy Silver in it’s original corner GRF cab, (Un-serviced original xover) shot with a low bit rate outdated camcorder very near field. To my ears pretty much everything goes against it, yet some potential is apparent.


Remember hearing that in a different room
My jaw dropped to just slightly lower than jimmy hills,sounded great

Afraid these are all I have at hand
No idea if any interest or the condition of them

Just spin that Carnival one. Seems appropriate.

Will give it a go later got to take mrs to hospital in 5 mins

A recent one
Need headphones to hear any bass


Very quick effort from on iPhone as I have go out again

Probably better with headphones
No idea if to loud or quiet

Really want to get a cheap mic someday for voice and music. All people seem to rec cost £150 plus


Let’s see what the OP can glean from it.

One more Coral video


Are they yours?
What are you using to record them?

Oh no they are by the guy who posted them. Not sure what he using

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