Vintage B&O repairs

I’ve been asked by a friend if I know anyone who can repair B&O stuff, specifically a 70’s Beocenter 2000.

Apparently it has lost some output on one channel and is the same which ever source is selected.

Anyone got any ideas as to a repair person?

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Maybe here?
REPAIRS AND SERVICING - Quality Dream Audio (

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Looks great in that unit :+1:

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Contact Adam @Beobloke and ask him? although he doesn’t seem to post here anymore he might get an alert if you send him a PM

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good riddance.

Heh heh, that may have something to do with a little disagreement he and I had that blew up somewhat…

Ah. Maybe not contact him then :grinning:

There is a bloke on ebay who refurbishes b&o


Never dealt with him, but might be worth asking him

Bit harsh. He was always very helpful to me over the years.


Having a tough day sweetie ?

Really fucking shitty few weeks, a day I can handle but cunty clients are getting right on my tits now with their flip flopping and lack of decision making.

This, always found him to be a top chap.


Bit of a late reply (sorry) but you could try Tim Jarman. He writes the Vintage column for HiFi News and, with his brother, runs this website Beocentral - About Beocentral. To call his knowledge of the innards of B&O kit ‘encyclopaedic’ would be to overstate the amount of info in encyclopaedias.



Thanks Graeme, yes this seems to be the name, do you think he is contactable on that website?

To be honest Ritchie it’s a long time since I’ve e-mailed Tim - more recently we’ve always chatted at audiojumbles, NVCF etc (remember them ?). It used to be possible to e-mail him c/o the standard HiFi News contact address, which is how I did it. I’ve no reason to believe that the beocentral website doesn’t work though. Adam Smith would certainly know how to contact him - they’re close friends.


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Ok, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, very of its time isn’t it? The stacked LPs are doing my head in though :dizzy_face: