Vinyl bargains

£12+£1.26 from Amazon Marketplace

interesting - reminds me of something else, but I can’t quite place my finger on it…*/Summer-Sale/

Lots more £10 albums.


Sound of Vinyl again.

Looking forward to trying these as the CDs are recorded very hot.

Tonefloat are doing 20% off everything in stock auto-applied at checkout

3 for £15, free delivery.

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Mark, did you get Some Cities? Picked up the other two but had probs with white vinyl in the past, noisy. How’s this?

I’ve ordered all three but covid post says nope, so far.

Cheers, good luck, ordered a bunch from Resident a couple of weeks back, no sign either. Seems they’re all struggling

Lost Souls is okay if a little murky but Last Broadcast sounds great, hadn’t heard it for a while, much better than I remember.

Let me know how you get on with Some Cities

I am finding the post quite erratic. Some stuff is taking weeks, while I have also had stuff arrive within 2 days.

Got all my Resident orders last week

Eyes about 6 posts up :roll_eyes:

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Oh well
It’s a rare foray for me in here…

Couldn’t find 3 that I wanted!


You and me, we’re the same :+1:

Might be some diamonds amongst the coal?

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Thats a great deal. I suspect they are from the Jazz at 33 series as I have many of those in the photo.

Sad you can’t pick your own as I missed some towards the end.

Full list from Discogs.

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On the face of it looks a really good deal, however there are two problems with this

1: I already have a lot of the ‘all time classics’
2: Ornette Colman