Vinyl bargains

His finest hour IMO.

The Bewlay Brothers is just a sublime piece of music.

Happy to say I’ve already got two copies, an original and a remaster from a few years back.


Probably my favourite Bowie track.

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Mine too.

Defo my favourite Bowie album. Gonna buy a copy just to get one of mine back from FoL.

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Mine three

And me! :grin:

From what I can make out he only played it live twice


Agreed, keep coming back to it, so good


I’d expect a 15 ips reel tape for that much :rofl:


I thought it was initially.

Holy crap!


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All the NO

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I’d be interested in seeing that bit actually!

Sez you with the first press Kate Bush Ariel.

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Just get an original promo

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I’ve entered a mad world that’s for sure.

If a $500 lp is a vinyl bargain, the cost of living crisis is really taking hold.


I woud expect to have a person provided to listen to it for me for that sort of price.

In fact, given that it is ‘A Love Supreme’ I would insist on it