Vinyl bargains

:+1: cheers.

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£13.99 vinyl Amazon. Bargain?

For those of you who like African music this is well worth £12.49 of your hard earned cash. It’s very nicely packaged too with all the lyrics translated in the accompanying booklet.


Does it sound good on vinyl Nick?

Yes it’s a good pressing.

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Did you get a copy Ritchie? It’s shot up to £24 now.

No! I wanted to listen to it on Tidal first and that didn’t fit in with everything else going on. :pensive:

Looks like they are cancelling that deal
Did wonder if it was a mistake as it was the abbey road half speed version

Probably worth an email if you ordered to see if you can get a poxy £3 voucher

They cancelled my speculative purchase. Was a mistake… clearly.

Hmmm. Seems a lot of places are trying to flog this for £30-40.

Problem is you can get the original in pretty much NM condition for about £10-15 and on very thin vinyl, it sounds fantastic.

Is there anything in this package that warrants the premium?

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I found it on twitter,it’s the abbey road half speed reissue released today.

Normal prices seem around £37
At £15 it was a bargain,at £37 I’d get the original

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Yeah, it’s not 45rpm so don’t really see how they’re going to improve on the orig.

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It’s the old,stick abbey road and 180g on it,and whack the price up

I’m also less than convinced by the magical properties some associate with half speed mastering. I’ve heard good examples and also some meh (including from Abbey Road).

Anyway, found the 45rpm Abbey Road reissue of Tin Drum and threw some cash at that instead.

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Price is back down to £14


They cancelled mine as well. Oh well.

Yes,they did the same with that Can album a couple of years ago.



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