Virgin Media costs

How much are people paying for Virgin Media? I’ve just been offered their full bundle for £99:

  • 500 meg BB
  • Full TV package with Sky Sports and Cinema
  • Unlimited phone use
  • 4G SIM with unlimited everything
  • 2 V6 boxes

This is the same as they are offering for £78 (plus a free TV!) to new customers, which is annoying, but it’s a lot more than I was previously getting (200meg, no Sky Sports, shit phone usage, no mobile), which they have offered for £86 on an 18m contract (I’ve just gone out of contract so it’s gone up to £106). The extra is certainly worth £13 per month to me.

Do I take this, or the nuclear option of threatening to dump them to see if they offer a better deal? This is now actually plausible as I can get BT fibre, which could be even faster, but their media offerings are far worse. That would also mean using a TV card to distribute TV through the house, which would be, well, something. At least I’d be using a NUC rather than a Raspberry Pi.

What are you guys paying?

This, always.


The £75 deal is what I was getting on my last contract.

This expired and went up to over £140 a month. The best they offered me was £115/m for a new contract.

If they had offered me £99 a month at the time I would have taken it. As it was, I stripped everything back to the bare minimum when the job situation looked wobbly so I’m paying £56/m for the basic 50Mb internet (which is very good!), basic phone and basic telly.

The trouble with leaving is Openreach. Yeuch.

VM Broadband only 200MB over fibre for £33 per month.

I ditched VM TV in favour of SkyQ and I’m paying £45 per month for that.

All in it’s £78 per month for BB & TV and the SKY TV picture is miles better than VM.

I like the TV service and I don’t want a chav dish on my house.

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Luckily the chav dish is on the back of the house.

Chav dish is not an option, it’s a conservation area. And I’m not that much of a cunt.

I’m sort of assuming you’re still able to access BT Sport somehow Mark? If so, how?

We can only get Sky here and we’re on a new customer 18 month introductory package for £76pm. The package has pretty much everything bar BT Sport, but they want an extra £25pm for it :grimacing:

I totally bought into the whole TiVo thing back when it was the silver Thomson boxes.

It’s smaller than a climbing wall. Just sayin’.


Unfortunately VM royally fucked up TiVo

I had one of the standalone boxes in the early 2000’s when it would also mute the adverts, it was brilliant back then.

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we pay a little bit more for the same but 300meg - we are still in contract until eo jan. We use the SIM for data only

Not at the moment. I am consuming all my matches using ‘other means’.

£25/m for Jake Humphries


It was indeed superb. Another example of an amazing product getting gobbled up by a megacorp, then watered-down.

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I just phoned up to accept the £99 deal, and the guy couldn’t do it himself. The person who offered it is going to call me back.

Presumably it’s about as good a deal as I can get then!

Fucking hell :astonished:

Exactly, you can see why it got binned off.

Yep don’t blame you.

You can’t get anything above 40MB around here, and I pay £24/m for 24MB and then £8/m for Netflix. Clearly I am a skinflint (who doesn’t watch that much TV).

We never had Sky because of this. When I fucked Virgin off because they were being cunts (long dull story) Sky came out and measured up. The only way to get a signal was to mount the dish on a chimney stack that is behind the roof peak. We were re-roofing at the time so there was scaffolding up. Job done in an hour, dish is invisible unless you are on the other side of the road. Sky BB is very, very good. Much better experience here than Virgin, the feckin’ cunts.

The only problem I’ve ever had with Virgin has been their constant upgrade calls. Once I stopped these, they have been fine. The service is rock solid 99.9% of the time, and they have been very good at coming out to add extra stuff or fix issues quickly and well.

Hence I have renewed with them. Must do a speed test!