Visiting race tracks

I’ve got a weekday day off with my son (who’s 5). He loves cars so I was thinking of taking him to somewhere like Silverstone to watch people driving round in their posh metal. Does anyone know if that kind of thing is possible? Like can visitors just turn up and watch for a bit - or even go to the pits areas and talk to people there? I’ve never been to a racetrack before so don’t know how it works.

Any thoughts and advice appreciated!

There are track days at most circuits. If you are not entering, many circuits allow entry to visitors. Stands are often free and access is less restricted than a competition day.

Silverstone have a visitors Centre open Mon-Fri 09:00 to 16:00.
Ring them up and see what you can get into.
0344 372 8200

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have a look at these , may be a suitable package .

I thought you meant ‘proper’ race tracks - ones wiv 'orses. :disappointed:

take him on a circuit of the M25, followed by a walk around Knightsbridge in London.


I did that 20 years ago. It was fun, although I see that now there’s only 30mins on the track (ISTR we got nearly an hour). There certainly isn’t room for a 5 year old in the car with you though, and watching is a lot less interesting than actually doing it. It’s also worth allowing a decent break between getting out of the single-seater and getting into your road car for the drive home. Even the formula firsts can reset your subconscious judgement about braking and cornering.


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Thanks all. So it transpires that Silverstone don’t allow visitors on non race days, and Brands Hatch do but today a motorbike club have rented it out for a training day - I don’t really fancy watching bikers learning how to corner.

Other circuits are too far away for a short day trip.

Off to the HMS Belfast or something it is…

Where do you live?

not too long ago i was given a rally car experience but i am afraid i chickened out and swopped it to flying a helicopter , even that gave me the heebie jeebies .

Try Rockingham if not too late they are accommodating.

@Craig - NW London
@cobbler - thanks - I’ll check them out for next time

I think Brands Hatch is the best option - just gotta find a day when they have something interesting on!

You mean like…a race?

Yes, or something interesting during the week if I’m looking after my son on a holiday or summit.