Vox Olympian in Hong Kong

I just spent a very pleasurable morning listening to the Vox Olympians at Dine Art care of Audio Evidence in Hong Kong

Utterly stunning look at and listen to, and definitely worth a trip :grin:


Did they still sound alright when not connected to half a million quids worth of amps and power supply? :grinning:

I bet they do

They were running with CAD digital, an old M7 line preamp and PSE 300B Gakuoh monoblocks. Cables were Kondo naturally.

I can’t imagine Kevin letting them be installed in any public place without making sure they are sounding at their best.

I shudder to think what a space big enough to do the Vox Olympians justice would cost in Hong Kong. My apartment on McDonald Road was tiny and cost the HKMA a small fortune. Gawd knows what that rooom is worth…

Quite an amazing place!

There is 4000 sq ft of ‘casual but classy art space’