Voyd belt needed

Calling Voyd users - which belt do you use / recommend?

I bought an Origin Live ‘upgrade’ belt which I’ve used for the last 3 years without any issues, but lately it has taken to coming off the pulleys when I start the motors or change speed. It has become quite slack, too stretched to stay in place on the pulleys without the platter to stretch it a bit further…

Am I just expecting it to last too long and need to get a new one, or is there a better belt out there - what do you guys use on your Voyds?

Not sure about Voyd specifically but I have bought belts from these guys before


Looks like they do one for the Voyd


Your side of the pond too.

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Voyds do tend to eat belts.


The link above is the one I use, got about 7 of them.