Voyd tonearm recs

I’ve been running a SME V on my Voyd (split phase, ref brg and platter), but have been thinking about changing it for something that would have better synergy with it - any ideas?

It needs to be roughly cost neutral, so the budget is up to the value of a decent, J7 rewired V.

Papa used an Alphason HR100S on his to great effect.

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Any I use one on a Reference. Great combo.

Helius Orion or Cyalene. The HR100S is OK, but the Helius arms are better.

When they work, which is not much of the time.

The current AN Arm-3 is very good as well, being based on the Helius Orion 3, but actually made to a decent standard.

The HR100S is more vivid sounding, the Arm-3 is more even with better bass. Both better than a SME-V on the Voyd, IMO. I tried a V and initially loved it, then grew to hate it.

Never had any issues with my Helius Orion Mk1 or Mk2. The Cyalene is mad, but then sometimes things are. I need to send my Cyalene to be fettled.

Interestingly, some Voyd owners think it sounds better with only one motor driving the platter.

What cartridge will you be using?

Currently a Len Gregory Music Maker 2, but I’m open to other ideas too. That’ll mean a SUT as well I guess, any improvement on the MM prolly means an MC of some sort…

Any thoughts on the Fidelity Research FR-64S or FR-64fx? I just found an old thread on PFM where people rated them as well - possibly best of all on a Voyd?

Probably the bets sound I’ve had on the Voyd when @alfie2902 brought his round (using Io Ltd). A bit heavy, however, so could do with stronger springs for the suspension!

Would have thought the AN arms would be good on a Voyd as weren’t these the early AN TT3 before they made their own?

Thanks Pete, v. interesting! Was it a FR-64S or fx? Reading about them, I gather the S is quite a bit heavier than the fx, so that might be a good compromise?

Yes, AN bought the designs from Voyd and replicated / developed them, so I’d expect the AN arms to be good. Just trying to scope what my options should be …

The new AN arms produce a full bodied, weighty sound. The Alphason arms are detail freaks, both excellent in their own ways.
Given the choice of the two, I’d go for the AN arm.

Fs, the Fx is lower mass. Guess it would depend on cartridge…