Voyd with Split Phase and Helius Orion with ANJ silver wire

£1750 collected.

3 standard motors split phase original PSU. Cosmetic condition 7.5/10 without any attempt to polish/tart it up cosmetically.

Fully serviced and checked by SJS so in full working condition

Rare classic combo with Orion arm with ANJ ( V? ) wire from cart tags to phonos.

Collection/ meat wagon only from Warrington Cheshire.

I have too many TT’s, limited time and a very shiny brand new Tri-planar to fund after a 34 year wait !


TTT after a week.



Top Trumps Turntable

Top of The Turntables

To The Top

Take your pick as to what was intended. Witicisms etc. most welcome.

Oh, you mean ‘Bump’

Reasonable offers considered. Trying to decluter as I could never catch up to Bobs total and I do not have two spare rooms just to keep the collection unlike Bob.

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Ed says you need this in your life.

Bump. Must go. Just heard the Helius Pheadra tonearm. Me want big time. Probably the best tonearn ever!
Even when compared to the best looking Tri-planar SE Mk VII which is now to go on SWMBO’s Oracle.
If you have a Voyd Reference/ Technics SP Mk 11/111 ( insert your fav TT) you have not heard it at is best without a Pheadra. Makes an AN silver wired SME V sound broken!

I’d like to hear the 12" - not much info on specs around at the moment?

Not even seen the 12" but the 10" is by far the best arm I have ever heard. Such presence, micro and macro dynamics, pure analogue bliss.
We had the Hana SL on it so as not to overdo the cart front with Koetso/Kesiki/Io that we could have used. I’d choose the arm/cart combo than a cheaper arm and a more expensive cart if funds were an issue.
Lets not kid ourselves we are at the lunatic fringe of hi-fi here and most sane people would think you mad at this level of spend on plastic disk reproduction but individuals do what we choose not what the mass dictates.
This might be on dem at Cranage.


As the Pheadra is machined from a solid billet with a constantly changing internal diameter along its length a 12" will be disproprtionately more expensive. Pricing and spec not fixed yet. The one I heard was the final pre-production 10". Looks the finished article to me though.
I ought to have more info this week and will start a new thread for those interested.

According to this website the 10" is 3550 euro and the 12" is an extra 250 euro


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This is where I saw the 12" mentioned.

250 euro more is a very small premium imo

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In materials what can it really be? I genuinely would like to know the 12" effective mass

I agree, but then you have to add the hi-fi tax. SME add over £1.5k

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Special process

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I’m certainly interested to hear one. Geoff Owen is a fine designer. I’m also interested to hear how consistently & well it gets made. Production engineering wasn’t always his strong suit.

I would want to listen to three and buy the best one, as this is my experience of some of the Helius stuff.


That was certainly true in the old days Bob. Hope things have progressed since then!