VPN problem

Hi I need some help/ advice…My VPN is Cyberghost and my provider is Virgin Media ,I’m running a 2019 MacBook Pro laptop with Big Sur …
I can’t access Cyberghost as it keeps saying No internet although other services work …Also I have tried to upgrade to Monterey but it stops loading saying the same thing after around 52 mins left of loading …Could it be Virgin Media is blocking Cyberghost ? If so is there a way round it . Regarding the upgrade to Monterey Itried to do that around 5 times but no success at all… Any help appreciated!

I also use VM, and I can access the cyberghost site without issue. I know nothing about Apple products (I hate everything Apple, with a vengiance - it’s a complete rip off IMO!), so maybe it has somethnig to do with them? Borrow a Windoze machine and try in your location. Also, try a different browser, if iOS will ‘allow’ you to install one! I use Firefox on a W11Pro machine fyi.

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Clearly demonstrated by the rest of your response, well done.


There might be some info here that helps Micky

Virgin Media not working with VPN? Try these EASY fixes! (July 2023).

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So berating them from an uneducated position, bit daft arent you.

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