Noticed that they are pretty cheap and cover all devices
Should I get one?
Do I need one?
Does it protect against malware and phishing as claimed?
Will it fuck up things I use? (like Roon)

If you need to ask…

probably not.


probably not but it will slow things down.


To be honest Roon only works 30% of the time anyway :grinning:

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A VPN means your internet browsing is secret from your ISP. While I don’t really trust Virgin Media that much, I actively mistrust pretty much any commercial VPN company.

I use Express VPN. It’s quite handy. You can get on to sites that are blocked in the UK, and you can spoof Netflix to let you watch US-only content. Also works when travelling to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

It does cause some websites problems though - some of the IP addresses it uses are banned on some sites, probably due to abuse by previous users.

Only ever used one and it was to get sky sports abroad in a villa.
Worked well for the one week I needed it.

Only criminals use VPNs.


I have a home VPN that I use (1) to get access to my home network when away, and (2) if I’m connecting via an untrusted system, such as public WiFi.



I use a vpn to buy stuff in the US and have it delivered to the parents. After GDPR a lot of sites just block the UK.