WAD Kel80 monos

2 matched quads of Svetlana Winged EL34’s.
Average ish 5687’s and 6AU6’S.

Been in a cupboard for a while,but I have been using them for the past couple of weeks to make sure they are okay, and they have given me no problems.

Rated at 78w output iirc.

Any interest at £350 before I put them on ebay?

Goes very well with the pre I am gonna list in a mo.

Could ship if I really have to, but it is a pain in the arse tbh.

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Good value, you will get a lot more on fleabay.

Aye, I know. Will put them on there next week if there is no interest.
Very nice amps,but the 300B pse’s go better with my LV’s.

Bargain alert, nice amps!

Interested who was the builder?
Any images of the internals?

Dunno. Can do pics tomorrow possibly.

Great can you email them to (mod: email address removed - for your own security use PM to exchange email addresses)

Hi BM,
Have you posted the ‘pre’ yet? Can I ask what it is/was as Im in the market for a good quality unit…


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I would love to exchange PM’s but cant find where the it is!
The UI is not very intuitive

click on a users name and click the message button that pops up

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Tried that before but nothing showed.
Now as if by magic its there, home come :blush:

Here are some more pics. Not perfect cosmetically, but they are cheap.

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Fuck it, putting them on ebay.