Walks in Peak District (Millers Dale)

Good shoes, that changed over the years. I’d still be wearing them if they hadn’t got too narrow for my feet

Went to get a shoe but I decided the mids would help if I was in long grass that was wet.

They do a “wide” version of the shoe now, for ducks and clowns.

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They should be good. Plenty of stony paths to turn an ankle on around here.

Good to know. I really like the waterproof trail runners from OnRunning.

Get yourself a 1:25,000 White Peak map (https://dash4it.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/9910/s/ol24-the-peak-district/ use code BASKET10 for another 10% off). It will have a download code to use with the free OS app on your phone.

From Millers Dale I suggest:
1 Walk upstream at river level to the crossing near Mosley Farm, the return at higher level along the Monsal Trail.
2 North up Monks Dale to the minor road crossing, then back via Wormhill and Chee Dale Nature Reserve (only do this if dry underfoot - Monks Dale is full of ankle-wrenching slippery boulders)
3 Drive a couple of miles to Monsal Head, park along the road to Little Longstone, walk up to Longstone moor (path next to the Packhorse or along to Great Longstone and up Moor Lane) continue north until cross-paths with a left turn to Wardlow. Take that into the village then left along road until Path on right leading to Cressbrook Dale. Down Cressbrook Dale (last bit on minor road), take path by Cressbrook Mill to cross the river at Water-cum-Jolly then back to Monsal Head along the Monsal Trail. Award yourselves a pint in the Packhorse if you get back before 3pm (or visit again in the evening).

I’ll post a few more further away later.


Thanks for the help @octh
Those two should do for now. I’ll ping you if we need more. Anything else is more likely to be a visit to a town and just a wander.

That’s a nice 8 mile circuit, I did it again last week. One warning, the footbridge at Cressbrook / Water-cum-Jolly is technically closed. I say technically - there are thin boards and some mesh across the bridge end on the north side, but it is easy to climb over. The bridge seemed sounder than many I’ve crossed, though some of the planking is rotting. The alternative is to walk along the road toward Monsal Head,

Have PM’d a couple more suggestions

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At least they’ve made an effort to alert walkers to a problem with that bridge. Here’s one that I crossed a few weeks back - technically on a bridleway, so I could have had a horse with me ! The drainage ditch below it is deep (for round here) - probably 6-8ft to the water and then 2-3ft further to the bottom.

It’s been deteriorating for the last few years at least. The farmer has ploughed very close to both ends of it, so can’t be unaware. I’m about to report it to the CC Highways Officer, but they all ran indoors when Covid started and it’s hard to achieve anything useful with countryside paths if you’re not prepared to go out into, er, the countryside.

There’s a farm track nearby which is not the right of way, but which I think the few walkers who come this way use. The area isn’t very popular with walkers though because Marcham Mill Bridge, which would take you to the pub in Marcham, has been closed as dangerously unsafe for many years. That issue is now in the courts, apparently.


The Water-cum-Jolly (I love using that name) bridge is MUCH better than that. It has steel girders under the decking and is a substantial piece of work. All that I could see wrong was rot to the ends of some of the decking strips. I suppose that this might be considered a trip hazard. Unlike @Valvebloke’s bridge it is on a popular route and used by many tourists, so I suppose that the Peak Park are scared of bei g sued by some idiot.



Washing line stalker

This place.
Just the other side of the road from us. Literally ten yards.


Quite a pleasant little spot

We had a nice pootle round Foolow, a drink at Eyam, and a hike up to the Barrel in Bretton for late lunch

In glorious sunshine.

Holidays are still legal. Did I mention I am on holiday?


Lovely! Looks like you are having a great time!

I think we (royal we) take the UK for granted sometimes.
Everyone jets off for a cheap week abroad, but it’s all here on the doorstep.

If I was raining I’d have never written this!

Indeed. I find being weather clouds my judgment too


I spend a lot of time in the Lake District. There is no bad weather. Just bad clothing and the lack of ability to read a map / compass.

Today I had to explain to a walker going up, on our way back down, that going from his car parked near Thirlmere, over Helvellyn, to Red Tarn and back was not an option because Swiral Edge and Striding Edge and were in the way. They thanked me and said they would walk round instead.

Round Helvellyn ffs

Unfortunately the app on his phone wasn’t working for some reason so he didn’t have a map.

Evolution in action.


In a nutshell. It’s what keeps the mountain rescue teams far busier than they should be. :rage: