Want a new portable music player

I love my old Sony player but only works with their files and I want to get access to my flac music library.

Any thoughts on a decent player ? Will be used for holidays and maybe sitting in the garden.


smart phone?

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I have an iPhone through work but I try to avoid iTunes. It would make sense to use it I guess.

Buy a cheap/SH android phone.

Get an Android smartphone which can take a memory card.

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I found some great new headphones that’d work with a smart phone

As everyone else has said, cheap Android phone that can take a 128Gb SD card.

The Google Play Music app is free and reasonably good.

Android plays FLAC and mp3 natively.

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For a man of your status and standards I’d look at the Astell&Kern range - this one even has a copper chassis to match the Ongaku:

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Jesus that’s ugly :hushed:


Plenty of Sony Walkman Pro WM-D6Cs about.


LG V20 was meant to have a nice DAC, and I think it takes SD cards. Might be decent value now.

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Sansa ‘Clip’ Plays FLAC + You can expand the memory by mini SD card

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I have the A&K 70 Mkii - really good but pricey obviously.

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What about just getting a Tidal sub and ignoring your own files?

When I’m heading out, I just download stuff via Tidal onto the phone, while over WiFi (I have enough data to stream, but reception can be patchy), and then I have a few dozen albums that I fancied that morning available.


I have a Tidal sub, had no idea you could do that. Does it work with the dreaded iPhone

I’m waiting for the Hart gold plated version

Yeah just check that it’s running at the best quality

I’ve got an iPhone 6 128gb and an arcam music boost ( basically a battery booster / dac / headphone amp. I believe there is a programme you can use to play the flac files.

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Ordinarily in the office I would listen to music on my phone all day every day, using either GoneMAD music player or Google Play Music. In line with Google product strategy the latter has become increasingly useless.

I haven’t done this since last March for obvious reasons. However yesterday I wanted to pair the phone with the MiL’s Mini and blast out ELO while zooming around the Mournes.

Attempt #1 came to an immediate and abrupt halt.

Google Play Music has been binned entirely.

GMMP however appears to have undergone a significant facelift and is now pretty swish.

It was always very effective for my usage pattern - a large number of FLAC files on an SD card - but the additional polish is more than welcome.