Want to try a 211 amp

Have been thinking about trying a 211 integrated amp and as the ongaku is well out of reach have been looking at alternatives:

Viva Solista
Tektron reference
Transcription audio 211

Has anyone owned or heard any of these?

I’ve got a Solista - a wonderful amplifier but it doesn’t use 211 valves though. The first version had a pair in the power supply but mine (factory rebuilt to Mk3) uses all 845s.
Rather overkill with my 115dB horns so I use it with a pair of Triangle Volante (93dB) in the upstairs system and it’s an excellent combination.
Looks great too but get a forklift if you ever want to move it.

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I believe Bob had something similar and rated it quite highly.

At this price you could get Coco or SJS to check it over and maybe upgrade it.

@spider has a Gamma, very good it is.

mmm never heard of 211 valves , i see your old friends :wink: have a solista

That’s the one I’ve been looking at, he says he should also be getting a Solistino in which is the smaller version with 2x 845 valves instead of 4.

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Last thing I bought from bigears audio was knackered and after sending it back for repair he returned having done nothing to it.

Hmmm, I have a v old pair of Gamma Aeon 211 monos, just so much wrong, personally I would avoid. They did have a certain reputation back in the day for build quality issues.

I understand there have been a bunch of more recent Gamma amps, mainly from a certain dealer, I have no experience of them, so hopefully they are a lot better.

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Assume you mean Nick at Emporium as I was reading he was involved in the company along with Andy Grove of audio note?

I used a Gamma Rhythm 211 for two weeks then a AN Meishu for two weeks.
I loved the sound quality 211 but the internals were very very badly put together.

That amp has been listed and marked as sold previously. Returned and relisted?

I have a pair of Doge 9 211 mono power amps for sale.

cheers Dave but I’m looking for an integrated amp as I don’t have the space for seperates at the moment.

The Solista is a great amp but as others have said, make sure you have room for it, it is huge, needs headroom above it and is very, very heavy. I had the first version which is the one listed, it sounds excellent and I was floored by it when I first got it. Fantastic mid range and maybe slightly dark treble. Very good pre inside, only a slight improvement to my ears in using the Viva linea 45 pre which has it’s own power supply and is very expensive. Subsequently there have been versions of the amp with amorphous core output tx, which have a more sparkly top end but less bass control.
Tube rolling difficult; I found that only the bog standard Shuguang 845 could cope with the voltages. They are run so hot the plates glow in the dark. :astonished:

From what I understand about Gamma, avoid anything but the original amps i.e those made when Andy Gove was involved with the company

Mine has had quite a bit done to it by VB to make sure it is all OK and has been reliable and sounds great.
Don’t know when or who built it but its a great amp.

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The Solista is out of the picture, he wants £5k for it which going by hifishark is a bit steep and just refused to take anything less for it :frowning:

He is a twat.

He has had a Viva Preciso 2A3 amp for sale for about 4 years - I tried to buy it a couple of times but he just wouldn’t budge on price.

He’s obviously doing ok this month, you need to try when business isn’t so good.

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I’ve had a Mk1 soloista and it is a very nice amp. However the Mk3 is quite a big improvement. The Solistino is also lovely.