Wanted : 2x2m of speaker cable

With the imminent arrival of my pimped up h6’s I’ve realised my 1 metre speaker cables are going to be short.

If anyone has anything kicking about let me know

Have you gone for external crossovers?


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So won’t the cables from speaker to crossover box give you your first metre or two and then use your existing cables from box to amp?

Cor, yous aint arf clevers Wayne…:thinking:

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It’s not as cunty as you might think . Just checking before he potentially goes and buys cable he might not need. Also don’t know how long a cable length Paul at RFC might be fitting - he put a very generous 2m on mine which meant I only needed short cables box to amp.

Also depends where you site the boxes.

You are a cunt for being so defensive - I meant it! :laughing:


Couldn’t believe you as from my point of you it’s not credible!



Wayne your right I had a right old senior moment …ignore my requests…

Fucking iPhone :clown_face:

Won’t that invalidate the warranty?


Mans got to have a hobby, I spose

If you do need any cable just buy this


He will do any length and it is all you will ever need.

But, but, but…

But but but I sold my 2m pair of AN Jap silver speaker cables and bought a 2m pair of the above plus an MOT,
Annual Service, a years Car Tax and Insurance on my car with the proceeds.

The car sounded better, the Hi-Fi sounded the same.


Obvious ftfy.