Wanted: 4 berth Caravan

Ey up
Kate has a hankering to do some Caravaning. We’ve been looking for a few weeks and seen nothing we like yet.
Just on the off chance is anyone thinking of selling theirs? If so let me know, close the Chesterfield area would be good.

If you’re reasonably proficient at DIY, I have something you might be interested in. Four berth and all mod cons, it just needs a little TLC.

Yours for £6,500 OVNO Unlimited potential…

Collection only as skips are expensive up here


Find one you like, and…



A few of the docks boys from Cardiff would steal a caravan en route to Glastonbury and leave it there at the end.

Are the tyres retreads or new?

Original cross ply

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I would recommend a renting a static caravan for a week or so.

It has the advantages of:

  1. Being bigger
  2. Not having to tow it everywhere blocking up the roads for other innocent drivers.
  3. You don’t have to service it.
  4. You don’t have to park it somewhere when it’s not in use.
  5. You don’t have to insure it etc.
  6. You don’t have to be a member of the Caravan Club (otherwise you’ll be ‘an outsider’).
  7. It won’t increase the wear & tear on your car.


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I would recommend renting a house for a week or so.

It has the advantage of:

  1. Being a house.

I would recommend going to a nice hotel.


I bought a very cheap caravan for £300 when we were broke and only had toddler sized children.
We kept it for a few years and only stayed in caravan club small CL sites. Done that way caravanning can be very cheap. It is also possible to loose £1000’s if you commit and then decide you don’t like it.
Those holidays were always cheap but also some of the most memorable, for good reasons mostly.
We did break down in the rain once(car fault) and the kids had a ride in the AA truck which they loved -I didn’t.
Also remember getting stuck in a small track and having to unhitch to turn around.


I have very fond memories of family trailer tent holidays :slight_smile:

Ah that good old Nimrod Trailer Tent remember @Navigator :+1: ?

My folks spent almost £70k on a motor home thing. First holiday they took in it, they realised that they hated it - it’s a pain to manoeuvre through narrow Cornish villages and you have to pack it away each time you want to go out. They sold it immediately afterwards, realising a cool £20k loss.

And yes, I did suggest to them that they try hiring one a few times before buying. Twits.

Sounds like our childhood holidays spent in a Sprite Major on CC sites. We had some great times but wouldn’t fancy going back to the freezing cold shower blocks and emptying the shit bucket nowadays.

I loved that trailer. It was a mechanical thing that I could understand fix and enjoy. Great for youngsters and stored in garage next to car! Spider is a tall one and should check out beds before purchase!

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I recommend counselling. They’ll soon cure her of this crazy idea

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