Wanted 4 pin din to 2 rca pono for 34 pre

As above
Apparently they are different from 44 ones,not sure why,but the one i have has loose and keeps fallen out if touched.

May have something in the ‘doom box’ will report back tomorrow

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Be great,if you have any 5 pin to 2 rca as well would be cool

If it’s for quad I may have something

i may have a 4 pin to 2 rca , its a bit old looking mind

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Quad 34 to 306

Most probably, I’ll check

Some quad are saying the 44 4 pis differnt from the 34,i think they are talking bollocks but this new one keeps falling out

just checked its a tonearm cable, i saw it the other and wondered where the fuck it had come from , it was the first moerch arm i had

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If Matt doesn’t come up with anything, I might still have the Flashback cables in a box somewhere.

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Beensearching all my cable s in shed drawes,cuboard etc Found a 5 pin din that splits int 2 seperate 5 pin dins,no idea what it was for

If you give me the tonearm,the cable maybe handy

long gone stu, and the quads i had, i thought the cables were still here.
i do have a drawerful of shit cables that are no use to any fucking mammal, that im not giving up though

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im selling all mine up,not that they are wre worth much,but hope fully get a few quid for the leak ones

Seem to only have 5 pin to RCA’s here

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