Wanted a flexible Right Angle tonearm cable

I am really struggling with a very stiff tonearm cable which has 2 x 8mm MIT silver cabled lead to connect my consonance liu turntable. It is so stiff that it feels like it might break the male fitting inside the arm.

Has anybody got a non flash flexible 5 pin mini din type tonearm cable one lying around unused - Happy to pay something ?
especially interested if you are visiting the Yorkshire roast off

This is what I have


Remake the cable with 4-6” of the outer insulation removed at the toneeam end. Cover that part with some Gremfix mesh stuff.

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I have a silver one that has a straight Din attached and I have a loose 90 degree Din connection that you can add. Pete swapped them for me about a couple of years ago.

Cheers Dave a straight din is OK providing It can be right angled in 50mm either by bending the cable or via a RA connector. (50mm is how far the male pins on the arm are from the surface the deck stands on)

I recommend changing the cable for one with a lower foo content. This will be thinner and more manageable.

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This is a very thin cable I bought in the States.

Cheers Dave How much do you want for it?

Well try first then see. Ok?