Wanted amp or amp/receiver

I’m after an amp or amp/receiver 70s type thing for my sister. Shiny chrome type like a Sony Ta 1130 or some such.
Anyone got something knocking around they want to off-load?
Budget £200ish.

One last try… Anything out there?

Dave this might not be what you’re after but I have this Rotel RA-412 that I was going to get serviced but never got round to it.

It powers up but I don’t want to risk hooking it up to my speakers just in case it goes tits up and takes my speakers with it. Externally it is in great nick but it absolutely needs a complete service before using it.

I’m happy to let you have it for postage if you want it as I couldn’t guarantee it’ll ever work but if it does you’d have a very nice amp.

As I say might be more hassle than it’s worth for you / your sister.


Neither silver, both black but have a Kenwood KA-5020 or Cambridge Audio A5 going spare for free, if they are of interest?

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Allan, very kind and exactly the type of amp I’m after.
Right then, who’s the best on the AA to give it some TLC and a MOT ?

Rob, if OK with you, I’ll hold you in reserve and ask sis if either would suit though I know she would prefer the shiny to go with her new 70s house

No worries, just let me know.

Will do. Thanks

Some better pics Dave - quite a hefty wee amp actually


Perfect. If no one on the AA can service it I’ll see if anyone a bit more local to me can, but I don’t know of anyone and I’d hate to send it to someone who says they know what to do but would just fuck it up

I do you want me to arrange a courier Dave or hold off until you can find someone to service it ?

It’s no problem for me to keep a hold of it just now.

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Hopefully JB may have the answer. I’ll be in contact soon. Thanks

JB has messaged me Dave so we’ll get it sorted one way or the other. :+1:

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Thanks. Top fellas :+1:

They are so happy with the new set up…

Thank you for making this happen.
Rotel RA412 amp
Rotel RP5300 TT
Rotel 965 BX cd
Triangle Zephyr speakers


Brilliant Dave - so chuffed.

It looks a lovely set up and plenty of space for more vinyl as well I see. :+1:

Lucky so and so’s :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed - although I can manage one more album :love_you_gesture:

There’s boxes of records in other rooms :grin:

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I’m pretty certain that your sister needs a Naim amp. Only 7 * her budget.

I will hand-deliver.

(always assuming that this is the same sister)