WANTED: Amplifier circa £500

Having just found some small footprint speakers (Audience ‘The One’) for my office I am on the look out for an amplifier. Ideally low power Class A or similar smooth sounding, around 12-25wpc as the speakers don’t take a lot of driving - quality rather than quantity.
Prefer integrated, but I will need a DAC at some point so don’t mind going pre/power if I can keep on budget.


  • Quad 405-2
  • Marantz PM4 (can’t find one!)
  • Pass Clone
  • Sugden A21 (old)
  • Croft integrated
  • Sony ES/VFET/ other older Japanese stuff with tone controls

If you have anything suitable, or used anything that would be a good fit let me know. Link to the speakers, not that sensitive but single driver;

Almost completely not what you’re asking for, but I would drive those with one of these

Nobsound HiFi Pure Class A Power Amplifier Home Single-ended Stereo Audio Amp | eBay


I have Sonos at home, and wouldn’t rule it out but I’ll look at loads of rare, unreliable stuff first, as usual.


interesting thread. Given lockdown means i wont be getting the Italian back from Graeme for a while, and i am getting bored of my Caspian mk1 driving the AN/Es, i might be interested in any thoughts.

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I’ve got a Musical Fidelity A1 I’d sell you.