Wanted: Cheap Amp

Looking for a cheap as chips but functional amp if anyone has something within reasonable range of Brum? Something in the 20 - 30W range for basic AV type duties for my daughter - to plug their telly, xbox & mp3 through, so doesn’t actually need to rate as truly hifi really.

Ideally something like an older Rotel or Sony type thingy I guess? Even a Jerry special t-amp might do? Given they never seem to have money I know who is expected to pay for this, so £20 - £30ish? (he says hopefully)

Don’t really want to plow through the tons of absolute tat on eBay to be shilled by chavmates if at all possible, so here’s hoping one of the meatheads need to clear some space!

ta in advance for reading my drivel

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Hi mate, good to see you in circulation. Sam’s got a generic integrated I’ll look-out - worked flawlessly last time I powered it up, about time it was rehomed as it’s just clutter! More details later.

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Ooh, thanks sweetie (or should that be sweatie?)

Would be much appreciated indeed.

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Ariston AX-910 - basically a late '90s Cambridge A1 in slightly different clothing - 30 WPC etc.
Sounds surprisingly decent.

Bit dusty, but fine underneath.

I’ll PAT etc. Courier at cost.


Oh, you are a real sweatieheart! Are you sure about just the postage Paul? It helps my daughter out without question (and, by extension of course, me as well) as they are perenially penniless as is the wont of the youth today.

Truly appreciate the kind gesture!

Thy humble (and somewhat flatulent) servant, etcetera

So long as you don’t mind waiting for me to twat about and prevaricate. There’s no original packaging, manual etc. Never had a remote. Sure you’ll bung summat in the karma puddle at some point.

I’ve always got oodles of BO to go around!!! :wink:

As ever, where I can, I will of course.

Thanks Paul. Just let me know when you need some dinero, address details, etc.

Once the worst of the (spit) festive (/spit) period has passed us by some of us midlanders must still venture over to the fenlands to visit certain folk who were due to be visited well before they actually even relocated to that salubrious location :zipper_mouth_face: One fine day it shall come to pass!

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PM your addy pls Kevin - I’ve got it somewhere for sure, but finding it…

As I’ve said so often, Mrs Flea and (even) you are welcome any time, plenty of room for a comfy overnighter too, well stocked cellar, etc…