Wanted: Cheap integrated Amp

We’re heading into a long, bleak winter, where no doubt Covid will continue to wreak havoc with our everyday lives.

So, to future proof myself and ensure that the tunes continue to flow in such dystopian times, I’m looking for a spare amp, as the only one I currently own is a 40+ year old Jap behemoth, that if it goes pop I’m sure repair won’t be cheap or easy.

Ideally an integrated, with MC phono (I don’t have a spare phono), sound reasonably decent, look OK and be cheap.

Anybody have an old spare knocking around that they’ve been meaning to move on ?



2 problems

A. Getting it to you
B I would need a few quid for it which makes me feel a cunt as people have been so generous to me on here

Actually scrap that Mike if we can get the amp to you it’s free


Hi Stu, unfortunately, your amp is more than I wanted to pay.

It’s also too good for what I want to pay and there is no way I would accept it for free, so I’ll pass on this one.

Thanks very much for the generous offer though.


What type of amp are you looking for Mike and price range

Just a reasonable integrated, with a phono, MC ideally but hey, can’t necessarily have everything. Vintage or not, not too fussed. Don’t want a dog sound wise and not uber tatty.

The plan is it will stay in a cupboard and never be used but, if it has to be, adequate SQ would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Budget £150’ish, maybe a touch more.

I’m in Bournemouth tomorrow if by the off chance I see anything I’ll give you a shout

Guessing you have done fb marketplace and gumtree. As much as I hate both, I’ve had a couple of bargains

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Haven’t done either mate. I’m not in a great hurry so thought I’d put it here for a bit.

I’d much rather buy from one of the folk here, if I can.

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Just get a loaner if yours goes bang. Seems silly to get a plan b when you have no need to look past plan a?