Wanted: Cheap PC

So, after about a year of getting slower and slower, the OS no longer being supported and the family whinging about the unusable PC, it has finally given up the ghost, popped it’s clogs.

Does anybody have anything surplus to requirements that they would be happy to move on ?

Doesn’t need to be anything special or particularly up-to-date; a half decent Windows7 type thing with an OK processor and reasonable storage (250 Gb+ ?) would suffice.

Anybody know of owt ?



what you going to use it for?

I just bought a refurbished Lenovo and I am very happy with it.

I bought a higher spec (there is a thread on here somewhere) but something like this might suit.


They did free next day delivery (even though it says 4-5 days on the website) as standard and include a 1 year warranty on top of the normal 14 day DSR return for any reason.

Don’t buy a laptop if you don’t need a laptop.

To about £100 I guess.

Web browsing and YouTube is about all tbh


That’s iPad territory?

£185, full warranty etc.

Install Linux Mint

dell refurb from Amazon

if you scroll down that page you’ll see similar with small hard disks for less

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On Budget


I might have some random bits of crap that could be made into a PC. Or I might have binned it. I’ll check later when I’m home.

Random bits of crap ? My lifestyle at the mo ? Sounds like a match made in heaven :slight_smile:

Cheers Adam

Adam I’ve got a very old shuttle case that might fit a micro ATX MB . From memory it has a PSU but whether that’ll work with a modern MB, who knows.

Not looking promising. I do have a case, HD, and graphics cards, but no mobo, CPU or ram. You’d probably do better getting a complete package off eBay

What’s wrong with what you have? Could be fixed?

No worries Adam, thanks for looking ! It’s just ancient mate, Windows95 and god knows how archaic the processor is.

Could just shove a Linux distro on it and see if that fixes it?

That’s like GCSE+ level and WAY beyond me. Off to Ebay (Ziggy gave a good option) I trot methinks