Wanted: Cheapo Hifi stand/rack thing for Sam



Next month we are ‘doing up’ Sams room (as he’s 12 now!), new bed, carpet, that kinda thing.

At the moment his hifi is all perched on top of a set of drawers which are frankly failing apart at the moment so they will be going and another suitable support will be required!

Anyone got owt ?




I’m sure you can do better, but I’ve got one of these…

It’s a bit tatty and doing service as a barrel stand in the brewhouse. It’s basically tube steel and mdf.

Yours if you want.


or I’ve got a five x glass shelf welded rack which Sam is welcome to have. Black, but looks Ok.


5 shelf old Target rack if you need it, black with MDF shelves.


Thanks guys, very kind of you all indeed and much appreciated.

I’m guessing it would be easier for me to sort out with @octh with transport out as he’s just over the hill in Sheffield :+1:

Sam currently has a turntable, receiver, CD player and tape deck so it would be ideal :slight_smile:.


Mine’s a shelf short.


That’s fine, we can sort out collection by PM


I’ve heard it said that you’re a shelf short of a full rack



Cunt :unamused:


Nicest compliment you could have given me :joy:


Might go nicely with a full rack…:smirk:


This works for me :+1:


Mana :crazy_face:



No wonder they went bust.


See those large fans, not sure why but I have a phobia of those.


Feathered fans r ok tho n’est-ce pas ?


Is that a huge bong bottom left? Makes more sense now…


Bong hit, adjust some spikes . . . bong hit, adjust some spikes . . .




It’s a hookah, not a bong…:thinking: