Wanted - Decent Cassette deck

OK, I is feeling really left out on this R2R malarkey, but, there is literally NO music I would listen to on reel to reel tape, so I can’t participate.

There is, however, a heap of stuff I would listen to on cassette, hence me now looking for a half decently rated player.

Sort of R2R light, with the potential to establish my own tape challenger sub forum mwahahahaha.

Anyway, anybody got anything they want to sell me ?

That hasn’t stopped every single one of the R2R crowd :laughing:


Ain’t that the truth ?


Trolling or selling ?

Not selling, just watch the video as to why you need one.

Mike I’ve got one of these (Denon DRM-550) sitting doing nothing - could probably do with a service but still works fine. If you cover the postage your welcome to it mate.


Extremely generous of you Allan, thank you. Can I see if anything higher up the food chain crops up before committing ?

That is bonkers but so cool.

Theres a Nak BX2 on AOS?

No worries Mike :+1:

I think Bob @ICHM has got a posher version of that, RX505? I have soooooo much want for that, amongst all the other shit I can’t afford.

Nice deck, but only 2 head, so you can’t monitor your recordings, if that matters to you. Bx300 has 3 heads and is an excellent deck if it’s still in spec.

:+1: Just enquired about that, although I was hoping for something a little better really.

Think I have a BX300 in the loft…

If you fancy selling, let me know.

I could be persuaded…



Ah, the old filthy lucre ploy.

We’re in business !

Price been agreed, contract being drawn up, as we speak, and a new R2R (just smaller R’s and some other minor technical detail stuff) sub-group is born.

Bring it on (other challenge type idioms are available).


Wayne’s holiday booked.


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