Wanted: Decent T4P mount Cartridge

I’ve just upgraded a fair bit of my kit and, although it does sound extremely good (to these ears), I think that the cart could be improved upon, to get even more out of it.

I currently use a Technics EPC-202C mm cart and wonder if anybody has a ‘better’ T4P mount cart knocking about that they would like to sell ?

If not, recommendations would also be appreciated.

Thanks chaps.

The Technics MC one ‘310’ is a good start if you can find a decent one.

Hmm, not 100% sure about MC to be honest Bob.

I have a spare Audio Technica LS350/LT that I keep as a P-mount spare.

Maybe a decent Jico stylus upgrade would be a good route to go ?


Thread necro! :zombie:

I got nephew a Techie SLQ15 which has a Technics P22 cartridge.

He’s now thinking of an upgrade p mount, likely MM rather than go MC and the inevitable 310MC.

Anyone got any recommendations or something in the drawer?

I have a AT 311EP brand new still in the sealed packaging, Bought as a spare when I had a few P mount TTs. £45 posted.


The best one i have personally used was the Ortofon OMP30, bit spendy though.

I use the same technics cart a sl-ql1 and got a jico SAS stylus, really superb.

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Where did you gert your Jico SAS from, model number etc?

Direct from jico in Japan mine was for the P22 .
Cost about £68 but that was some time ago, think the price has gone up quite a bit since then.